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Taking inspiration from the old and new age pop punk scene the band formed their unique style and sound with massive drum grooves, slamming guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks. Founded in 2010 by two brothers Sasha and Alex Gribchenco this crazy-ass pop punk trio has a reputation of making people go bananas on their shows.

After years of hard work the band released its first EP, “Just a Question” in 2014. Then after shaping their sound on countless live gigs with the arrival of their 7th bass player Pasha Malyshev guys release a single “Forrest Gump” in 2016. That moment establishes a new era for The Glimpse.

In 2017 The Glimpse wins national contest POT Music and becomes the best uprising band of their homeland, Moldova. Since then The Glimpse was performing on many international festivals such as Coke Live, WFYS 2017, ZIT, Chronograf etc. The summer of 2017 guys spent recording and producing their second EP “Too Dumb to Be Boring” which is set to be released spring 2018.


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Our music blends pop punk, positive melodies, and easy core to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone and young love.

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